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Guestbook for Cargo Cult - 2013
Mirage the Pimp(non-registered)
I forget, in the default world, about what really matters. I sit in my day to day and judge the merit of things for a living, of people, of the contextual effectiveness of human behavior. I deconstruct and reinterpret and strive to make incrementally improvements on a deadline (which is quite effective, actually). And sometimes I put on the fishnets and the boots and the music and recreate the magic of the playa, and I even succeed.

But more often than not, I have forgotten. I have forgotten just how much skin and flesh are more about wind and freedom than about sex, or that the edge that makes provocative art doesn't have to come from yearning and struggle.

I forget - all the time! - how moving peace and joy really is.

So thank you for this gallery, and for artists like yourself who, incrementally over the course of the year, remind us of the spirit of the Burn through their work, and just how much our soul is bettered by it.

With great sincerity and warmest wishes,
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