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Guestbook for Rites of Passage - 2011
Thanks for a fantastic gallery of photos and great choice of music. Since you told me it was "As the Rush Goes", I've managed to find it and several other "Chillout" CDs. You've opened to me to a great genre of music that I'm really enjoying. I check in to watch the photos and hear the music several times a week. I'm getting to the point where I need my daily 'fix'. I'm really glad you went to the effort to create it and had the expertise to do it right
Thank you. Ephemeral. Thought provoking. Wondering why I missed so many things. Then remembered we go home for only 10 days.
Davey Jones(non-registered)
Outstanding gallery, Gary. These bittersweet time capsules always create a longing to be there when I can't, while kindling happy memories.

Any chance of finding out the choice of background music for the slideshow? Even Mrs. Jones is curious.

Safety Third - DJ
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